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Here you can find GWRRA Chapter I downloads
for a variety of uses. More can be added at any time.

Chapter I Friendship Cards- These can be used to introduce yourself, or just leave on any motorcycle you see that you feel may be interested in joining the GWRRA or our Chapter. These cards require you to have Microsoft Word in a newer version ('97 forward) in order to customize with your information. Open this file, then if needed, click the "enable editing" button. Then change the contact information to your own, or your Chapter Directors, Membership Enhancement Directors, or whoever may handle new membership inquires. You can only change your contact information- no other. Then preview the file, and if all looks good, print on regular business card stock available at most any Walmart, Staples, or other office suppliers.

Magazine Labels for Word '97 to 2003- These labels are to be used with Avery #18163 or equivalent shipping labels (2" x 4", 10 per sheet), to place over your Wing World magazine address label. Then leave your old (but not too old) Wing World magazines at your doctors office, beauty shop, tire shop, or where ever there is a waiting room with magazines or papers for the clients to read while waiting. Of course, ask permission first before leaving your old magazines there. This will help introduce fellow bikers and others to the GWRRA in general, and our Chapter in particular.

Magazine Labels for Word 2004 to present- same labels as above, but for newer versions of Microsoft Word. These labels have enhanced text features not available in the labels above. If you have a newer version of Word than 2003, then use these labels.

Chapter I First Aid Check List- (pdf file) Want to know a good idea of what to carry for items for a first aid kit? Download this list, then use as a checklist and put the items from this list in a suitable container and carry them on your motorcycle.

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